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Osteoporosis Treatment and Care

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Osteoporosis is a chronic disease that causes bones to become brittle and can increase fracture risk over time.  Osteoporosis is generally symptomless, and it is usually diagnosed after a patient has already broken a bone.  There are many health problems and surgical procedures that can increase the risk of developing osteoporosis including diabetes, hormonal dysfunction, weight loss surgery, and Celiac disease.  It is imperative to diagnose osteoporosis as early as possible and to treat the condition with lifestyle changes, such as increasing calcium consumption, performing weight-bearing exercises, and medication when necessary.  We will provide guidance and knowledge to develop the appropriate osteoporosis care plan for you in order to reduce disease progression and fracture risk.  We will obtain and review any previous bone density scan reports, and if necessary, we will order a new bone density scan to determine your current disease state. Endocrine Associates will also perform a comprehensive blood work panel to determine any possible causes of your osteoporosis.

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