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Lifestyle Management through Fitness and Nutrition

The Dangers of an Unhealthy Lifestyle:

We live in a fast-paced, high-stress world where we tend to focus less on ourselves and more on those  around us. Oftentimes, this results in a cascade of unhealthy behaviors that can put us in danger of acquiring a chronic disease and low-quality life. The risk of obesity and a metabolic syndrome grows as we become less physically active and eat higher calorie foods with lower nutritional value. Ultimately, obesity can affect every major organ and can contribute to diabetes, heart disease, neurological diseases, cancer, skin diseases, sleep disorders, hormonal dysfunction, depression, and much more.

Our Approach

Our priority at Endocrine Associates of West Village is to provide a multifaceted approach to help you reach your health goals. We understand this can be a difficult journey, but with the support and resources we provide, we will make the transition into a healthy life as seamless as it can be. This journey must be a partnership because we need you in this process. With our expertise, and your dedication, you will be healthier than you have ever been. Start the journey to a healthier you by calling us today at 212-675-9332.

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Meet Our Lifestyle Management Team:

This team will provide medical care to rule out any endocrine causes of your obesity, as well as nutritional and fitness expertise to make your journey as healthy and sustainable as possible.

  • Board Certified Obesity Medicine Endocrinologist
    • Anastasios Manessis, MD, FACE
  • Mid-Level Practitioners
  • Registered Dieticians
  • Personal Trainer

neXendo Weight Management Program

We provide different types of program to suit your individual needs. We offer full, partial, or no meal replacement programs that are tailored to your specific nutritional needs. These programs can be combined with our fitness programs or can be done alone. However, for healthy lifestyle optimization, we strongly recommend that patients do both the nutrition and fitness programs as weight loss increases with a combination of diet modification and an increase in physical activity.

Contact us about the neXendo program at 212-675-9332 or

NeXendo 26 Week Weight Management Program

We know that no two weight-loss journeys are the same, so we provide several types of programs to suit your individual needs.

Depending on your goals and preferences, we offer full, partial, or no meal replacement programs to nourish you while you learn healthy nutrition habits. Throughout the 26 weeks, you will meet regularly with your personal registered dietitian who will help you develop strategies to make good nutrition a long-term priority. We offer in-person office visits, or we invite you to take advantage of our tele-health platform so that nutrition visits can fit seamlessly into your busy schedule.  

These nutrition programs can be combined with our fitness programs or can be completed alone. However, to maximize the impact of your investment, we strongly recommend that patients choose our Deluxe Fitness + Nutrition Package, as weight loss increases with a combination of diet modification and an increase in physical activity.

Contact us about the neXendo program at 212-675-9332 or

women power walking

Beyond Program – 26 Weeks

The Beyond Program is a completely food-based weight loss program. We take you beyond dieting and meal replacements to teach you the skills for both successful weight loss and ideal weight maintenance. Nutrition sessions are held by registered dietitians with expertise in nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle behavioral change. Calorie and macronutrient levels are determined based on the results of your Korr Metabolic Rate Test and other individual factors and are designed to promote a healthy and sustainable weight loss rate of one to two pounds of weight per week. 

Contact us about the neXendo program at 212-675-9332 or

Optifast or Optifast Light Program- 26 Weeks

For those who would like meal replacement support in their weight loss journey, we have two medically monitored programs that allow for the use of Optifast products. Optifast products are clinically designed to offer a high-quality and nutritionally complete meal replacement.


Our Optifast program combines support, counseling, and comprehensive lifestyle education with a great-tasting meal replacement to help you lose weight and significantly reduce weight-related health risks.  Average weight loss over the 26 week program is about 50 pounds, however, weight loss varies from person to person. 


The Optifast Light Program combines meal replacements with one light meal a day. With this program, you also receive comprehensive lifestyle management support to help you lose weight and significantly reduce weight-related health risks.


All participants will have regular medical visits with Dr. Manessis or our team of providers. Through close clinical supervision, you can trust that we will address all aspects of your health that may be impacting your weight, and if necessary, provide FDA approved weight loss medication as part of the treatment plan. We also offer eligible patients the opportunity to participate in clinical studies for experimental weight loss medication.

Contact us about the neXendo program at 212-675-9332 or

In-Office Gym

The neXendo gym, located within the Long Island City office, is equipped with all the tools for a variety of exercise programs including cardiorespiratory, strength and flexibility components and catering to the many needs of different patients.

  • Treadmill
  • Elliptical
  • Stationary Bike
  • Plyometric Boxes
  • Full Set of Free Weights
  • Medicine Balls
  • Resistance Bands
  • Jump Ropes
  • Stability Balls
  • Bosu Trainer
  • Yoga Mats
  • TRX Suspension Trainer

Korr Metabolic Rate Testing

Metabolism is a key determinant in the success of a weight loss journey. The Korr Metabolic Rate Test measures resting metabolic rate, calculates the speed of your metabolism, and calculates the optimal amount of calories you should consume in order to lose weight. This is an invaluable tool in starting and tracking your progress on this journey. Our goal is to help increase and maintain your metabolism even as you lose weight by combining diet modification and increasing physical activity.

Contact us about the neXendo program at 212-675-9332 or

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